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Assure Guard provides gastric support without shutting down acid production. It works to stabilize and condition the entire digestive tract for a long term, balanced approach. Antacids, enzymes, and probiotics work to support the stomach, small intestines, and colon while psyllium adds extra stabilization of the hindgut. Assure Guard can break the cycle of digestive disturbances that lead to recurrent gastric ulcers. It’s the most complete combination for total digestive tract conditioning

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Assure Guard is the solution to maintain digestive health and combat tough problems like colonic and gastric ulcers, colic, diarrhea, weight loss, and more. Assure Guard is the supplement of choice for horses going through ulcer treatments. Traditional ulcer treatments can stop acid production within the stomach. This allows more undigested feedstuffs to reach the hindgut and cause or contribute to the digestive disturbance including colonic ulcers. Research has proven that adding a quality probiotic to your horse’s ulcer supplement regimen provides a constant influx of live microbes, ensuring proper digestive health and breakdown of feed throughout the treatment period.

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